Ash Welwood grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, where it’s cold but the people are warm. Under North skies, she worked to pay her way through a multidisciplinary education in preparation for a leap to NYC in 2014.

Her first independent projects ranged from the production and design of showrooms and live presentations for fashion brands such as Hood by Air and Gabriella Hearst to consulting on the experience guide for the 88th Academy Awards.

In 2015, she became one of the original designers to join what is now one of the highest valued startups in the world - WeWork. Since then she has lead the design of projects along the West Coast, New York, London, and most notably the first building in India.

Opportunity and a curiosity for unfamiliar cultures has sent her travelling solo to more than 15 countries; ripening her understanding of international communities, business, and environment. She is now working to build WeWork’s global Sustainability team, with a specialization in creating progressive indoor and outdoor spaces that enhance well-being and creativity.

Her artwork mixes paint and photography to compose landscapes of color and light that evoke memory and imagination. She’s interested in the transformative quality of materials, and is currently exploring waste as a medium for both art and new product development.

When home in Brooklyn, she feels best working to music in her studio, reading a book under a tree, or running laps around McCarren Park.